Marketing Strategies for a Small Marketing Budget

Let’s admit it: not all businesses start with a massive budget for Direct Mail Marketing and promotions. More often than not, marketing takes a back seat from business essentials. It is mainly because marketing is perceived as additional cost that your business cannot afford yet now. However, not having a large budget does not mean you cannot market yourself. Here are some tips that can help you get by until you can invest in a full blown marketing strategy.

1. Leverage on your knowledge.

Comment on blogs, post on message boards, answer questions on Reddit and other social networking platforms. Most of these platforms allow you to customize your signature. While it takes a lot of effort to find the topics that you can contribute to, interacting with your target market is a form of self-promotion without having to boast what you can do. Giving advice within the range of your expertise shows you are personable and more importantly, that you pay attention to your potential consumer, wherever they may be.

Expand your speaking network. You can even add a blog to your website, where you can narrate your experiences and invite commentary. Engaging your market will give you more opportunities for conversion.


2. Attend events.

Yes, we are talking about networking. The traditional swapping of business cards and giving out flyers is something that you should still value. These are called below-the-line marketing strategies. You get to speak with your potential customer, interact with them and even leave an impression. With events, you are up close and personal; they can see you and you can see them, allowing you to better promote your business. Never underestimate the power of face-to-face interaction. Before you know it, you can easily lead up to your next distribution line.


3. Ask for referrals.

Former coworkers, colleagues, friends and even family can definitely give your business a boost.
They have a network of their own. It may be as simple as posting a link of your website to their Facebook profile, or having them talk about your business to a target market. Whatever it is that your immediate circle can do for you, do not be shy to ask for it. Most of the time, they are willing to help, but are just unsure to, perhaps not wanting to interfere with your tactic. Open up and let them know you need them.


4. Have a memorable customer service & Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is still the number one form of marketing. No amount of paid advertisement can ever see the mileage of people raving about your business out of their own free will. Make sure each experience is memorable and impressionable. Be wary of your turnaround times and the manner in which you respond to your customers. Before you know it, you might be serving the most followed person on Instagram in your community. Customer service will make the difference between fully-booked restaurants and deserted ones.


5. Optimize your website for search engines.

Do not let technology slow you down. Find among your immediate network assistance in making sure that your company’s website can be found. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective tools to make your services Googleable. Plus, the more you provide quality content on your website, the higher you rank on web searches.

There are more ways to market your business, regardless of your budget. Give us a call and let’s find out together which Direct Mail Marketing program would be the best for you.

Social Media Management Engaging Your Customer

Your Social Media Management platforms are now up and well curated. But you’re not getting any feedback from your likers. Why does that happen all too often?

Perhaps you’re missing a call-to-action. What is a call-to-action? It is a prompt or a trigger phrase that urges your reader/consumer to take the next action. It can be “read more” or “press play” or “sign up.” Whatever call-to-action you may choose, actual action from your readers ensures that your business is constantly engaged with them.

Here are some ways that can make your social media followers interact with your business:

1. Check in!

Invite your readers to “check in” whenever they’re in your place of business. Almost every social media platform has made geotagging available to every user. With this, you can see the volume of customers that are within your presence. As more and more tags are added, your location generates more media. It’s a win-win. You get to see your customer, plus you get to attract your customer too.

2. Share your photo!

From flat lays to product shots, Social Media Management users are very creative with the products that they purchase. Encourage them to share their photo of your product and whenever you can, feature one or two on your social media page. Shining the light on your customer shows your appreciation for their patronage, and bragging rights for them (it can even get them, new followers!). You don’t have to feature all that submit or tag their product shots. Find one or two that best shows off your product and go with those. Remember that consistency is key, so you might want to make this a regular happening on your networks.

Social Media Management

3. Thank you for your comment.

Acknowledge their responses. Even a simple thank you can go a long way. It is also an opportunity to exchange witty banter with your customer, like with what happened on Skyscanner’s Facebook page Control your urges in deleting negativity; try to be as transparent as you can. For complaints, accept them graciously and commit a resolution to the problem.

4. Can you guess what’s this?

Use your social media platforms to tease upcoming products and events for your company. Make them guess whatever is coming. If budget allows, give a prize to the first few who guessed correctly on the day of the new product launch. It need not be something big. It can be as simple as a gift certificate or a sample of the new product. This small surprise is a great boost for customer relations.

5. Which box is better?

Make your customers’ voices be heard. Starting a poll can generate a generous amount of responses from your customers, especially if it’s about something they are passionate with. You can poll from the packaging of taking out boxes to naming the next dish. It’s that easy.

Do you need digital marketing experts to create this kind of engagement? We are the right team for you. Our social media management team keeps your social media networks engaged and updated. Click here to learn more!

Generating Organic Content & Online Reputation Management.

In our previous blog, we talked about the importance of having consistent quality content across all marketing platforms. Most of the time, this is ensuring that all paid advertisements and marketing campaigns are aligned with each other. However, today’s technology has evolved in such a way that information is readily available to your consumers.

In fact, consumers conduct extensive research, reviewing as much as 10.4 sources , before deciding to purchase. It is imperative that your business is part of those sources, so when deciding to purchase, you are one of the — the not the ultimate — choice & Online Reputation Management.


Both types of content may seem like important components, but according to Bright Edge , 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search with over 40% of the revenue captured by organic traffic. In short, you want to be talked about than pay people to talk about you.


Online Reputation Management

Organic content is free. It is an effective marketing tool that won’t cost you as much as a paid advertisement will. Here are some Online Reputation Management solutions we provide at Allure:

Strong Web Landing Page

Unbounce calls landing pages
as extensions of paid advertising, specifically design to get your Website visitor to take action. Basically, it forces a response from your customer, whether he/she intends to buy or not. It is a great way to gather email addresses for a digital listing, invitation for a trial service within a specific period or even encourage spending by providing a limited sales promotion.

Mobile-Ready Website

Mobile responsiveness is also key to ensuring your customer stays on your website. Since April 2015,
Google has included mobile friendliness as a ranking signal, affecting all mobile searches worldwide. A new study released by comScore shows that mobile usage, combined with mobile search, accounts for 80% of time spent. With more of your customers looking you up through their mobile phones, it is important that your business website adapts seamlessly to the size and make of their handheld devices.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube — Allure Marketing consistently monitors your business’ social relevance. The more people genuinely talk about your products and services, the more relevant you are to your customer’s search. 88% of consumers research before they buy. Video product reviews alone increases the likelihood of a viewer to purchase by 85%. We want to make sure that your product and user reviews, blog posts and affiliate marketers are part of the content they search.

Whether it’s a responsive web design, interactive social media network or a corporate video, Allure Marketing Solutions have them all managed and curated for you. Contact us and create a solid Online Reputation Management presence for your business today.

Importance of paid marketing in 2016

One of the most important forms of paid advertisement is PPC marketing(pay per click) where you pay whenever someone clicks on your ad, clicking on that particular ad will redirect you to their website.

In digital marketing, you might have heard about the term paid marketing where you pay in order to increase traffic to your site. One can advertise their business on Google, Facebook, and Bing through Google and Facebook and Bing ads respectively.

Apart from increasing traffic to your website paid advertisement will boost sales and conversion, paid marketing can offer various other benefits. Some of them are below:

Anyone can do it: Managing PPC campaigns is an easy task and anyone can do it. All you need is to approach Google and Facebook to buy ads.

PPC Management

Easy to measure results: It’s easy to track results in terms of money you spent on advertising. For example spending $100 and you can easily track the number of visitors coming to your site.

What must be done before jumping into paid marketing:

While paid marketing is extremely viable, it can be exceptionally costly. It can likewise be of no worth to you in the event that you don’t know how to utilize it appropriately. To be on the safe side, you have to do the following before you jump into it:

See how long tail keywords work: long tail keywords are long words that the greater part of your clients is utilizing to discover stuff on your site. The cool thing is that there are numerous tools that you can use to discover these catch phrases. One of the best free tools that you can utilize is the Google keyword planner. While doing your search, always pick those keywords having high search volume and low competition.

Understanding the different type of ads: There is a wide range of Ads that you can purchase. For instance, there are banner ads. While these Ads display on a page, they frequently tend to target customers who aren’t looking for something new.

There are also text ads. Text ads display primarily on google search page. These are less expensive and more successful as they are made for clients searching for particular data. For perfect results, you ought to do perfect keyword research and A/B testing.

Continuously track the performance: To know how your money is getting along, Tracking the performance of the campaign is essential. The great side is that there are various awesome tools, for example, Google Analytics that you can use to do the following.

In conclusion: Keeping these things in mind while optimizing paid campaign can maximize ROI (return on investment) and increase your chances of getting return visitors.

Online reputation management is essential for all businesses and offline

Maintaining Online Reputation Management or creating brand awareness is essential for all businesses whether you run online or offline business. In today’s world a lot of competition exists among online business. Everyone wants more customers and that too loyal customers.

Nowadays people go online whenever they have to buy ,sell and rent their products and services. So building your brands reputation online is necessary. Either you could hire reputation management agency to work for you which will monitor and helps in building Online Reputation Management.

Building up online reputation:

It’s very important to build online reputation on world wide web. These companies offer comprehensive range of services to boost and manage brand reputation. Online Reputation Management services include content management, maintaining social networks & other marketing techniques.

Online Reputation Management

Why reputation management is essential:

In case of online businesses people will go for reviews and would like to read comments first, It’s most likely that dissatisfied customers tend to post reviews more often than happy customers. So If someone sees bad or negative reviews before visiting your site, they are not likely to visit your website. This can result in loss of business opportunities and sales for your company. In order to fix this issue, reputation management is alternative to this.

What can be done:

In order to push down negative reviews, creating assets that push down negative reviews and comments about you and your company, showing positives assets in top results of SERP’S works best.

An online reputation company will track all the information that is online about you and your business. They will identify all the information that is written about your brand or about individual name. Using search engine optimization strategies, online reputation company will develop more positive reviews and feedback about your products and services. This will help to improve the website ranking and will slowly start to turn the negative information into positive assets.

More benefits of Online Reputation Management

Following these strategies, you will start rebuilding your reputation thus boosting sales and enquiries. The best thing to do is hire any online reputation management agency who will try to prevent any damage before it occurs. Once a brand reputation is damaged it can take significant time and investment to change things.

Empowering good communication rules, by keeping your information up-to-date, opting professional way to dealing with all enquiries positive or negative. You should always answer customer’s queries because ignoring any problem can often make it significantly worse.

Allure Business is a multinational digital marketing company which offers web design, search engine optimization, reputation management, ecommerce & web development services.