Company Branding : What It Is and How to Do It Well

The nature of the business is that there is competition. In fact, in most places, anti-monopoly laws guarantee that there is competition. This way the customer gets a fair shake because a company can’t just set whatever price it wants for goods and services: it has to compete and offer just the right balance of low price and high quality to stay in business. So competition is good for customers, but it can be difficult for businesses. The challenge of being more appealing to customers than competitors is a constant struggle for owners and managers of small businesses. This is why company branding strategy is so important. If you don’t stand out, your company is sure to wither and die. Conversely, if you do stand out, traffic and sales will increase and you’ll become more and more successful as you watch other, blander companies fall by the wayside. Branding is all about association. The best companies can commandeer the meaning of an already established noun or phrase. For example, when you hear the word Apple, half the time you don’t even think about fruit: you think about state-of-the-art computers and phones. Don’t take on such an important and deceptively complicated task on your own. Trust the experts at Allure to guide you through the branding process.

Fresh Logos and Design

Logos may seem like nothing more than a simple typeface and graphics, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can do one on your own. A good logo takes hours of creative effort by a graphic design professional to get just right. An important part of this process is not trying to copy an established brand. This technique will only achieve the “knockoff” effect: by trying to fool customers into thinking your product is the creme de la creme, your desperate attempt at emulation conveys that your product has no actual quality of its own. Your brand can also be served well by a modern and easy to navigate website. More and more people are discovering businesses on the web, so you’ll want to make a good first impression with a good website that features the logo and color scheme you are establishing with your brand.

Brand Advertising

Advertising techniques are also a part of branding. What advertising is all about is sending a message, and the smartest companies send a message that goes beyond “this is on sale” and “we sell nice things”. Let’s use Apple again as an example, as they are perhaps the worldwide leader in effective marketing. Apple ran a series of popular ads form 2006 – 2009 as part of their “Get a Mac” campaign. In these ads, the Mac is personified by actor Justin Long, who exclaims “I’m a Mac” at the beginning of each commercial. He is young and reasonably handsome, casually yet smartly dressed in button-down shirt and jeans. The man beside him, played by comedian John Hodgman, is much older and formally dressed and says “I’m a PC”. Each interaction between the two depicted Long (the Mac) as being laid-back and knowledgeable and Hodgman (the PC) as being uptight and out of touch. The message was clear: PC’s are for old people, and Mac’s are for the young, hip, and trendy. Come up with a campaign that a tone that matching your audience and the capabilities of your products (bland is okay with tax software, not so much with a tattoo parlor). Advertising on Google and Facebook are cost-efficient ways to get that message out there where potential customers can see it.


The whole point of a branding campaign is to establish an identity for your product so that it can be recognized and associated with something good. To get recognized, you have to be consistent. Don’t employ entirely different alternative color schemes on different websites and products. Take a look at most of the most successful companies in the world. Coca-Cola is red and white. McDonald's is yellow and red. Follow their example by finding what works for you and sticking with it. If you want to initiate an effective branding campaign that features, among other things, a fresh, memorable logo and easy to navigate web page design, contact Allure and ask about our company branding package today.