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eBooks Aren’t Just for Writers: How eBooks Will Help Your Business

Allure offers many services that will help you attract new customers to your business, and one of our most effective services is eBook writing. Over 50 million people in the United States have a tablet or some other device that can be used to read eBooks, and it’s projected that in 10 years that figure will double or even triple. This gives you a previously unexploited and large demographic to take advantage of when you’re trying to pull in new customers.

A New Way to Reach Potential Customers

Attracting new customers to your business is vital to your success, and the most successful businesses use more creative techniques than just direct marketing to get people interested in them. Publishing an eBook is a great way to reach out to customers who may have never heard of you before. Websites used to just be an online touchpoint for contact information and little else, but now you’d be hard-pressed to find a reputable company that doesn’t have a polished website with an accompanying blog. And, trust us, they aren’t writing these blogs because they have so many feelings they just don’t know what to do with them. Blogs (as long as they are filled with genuinely interesting content and not obvious advertising) are a great way to enhance the page ranking of your site on search engines like Google and Bing. You can incorporate a lot of SEO practices into blog posts and, if done right, not be penalized for keyword-stuffing. Also, blog content is much more enticing than standard sales content like services and pricing, so good blogs should bring more viewers to your site. eBooks follows the same philosophy as blog posts: if you can make them genuinely interesting, you’ve got a strong chance at picking up some new viewers over the internet, and maybe since they’re on your site anyway they’ll check out the products and services you offer. And even if they don’t, those unique page views will help your page ranking and make it more likely you’ll pick up extra visitors in the future. Also, again for SEO purposes, you can include a lot of links in your eBook that connect to your site, drawing those readers to your site and also taking advantage of Google’s premium on backlinks as a determination of where a site should land in their search rankings.

Establish your Authority

Reputation is a funny thing. It’s intangible, like the attributes of a quarterback in American football who doesn’t have the best physical build or the biggest arm, and yet has that “it” factor that allows him to ignore those 260-pound defensive ends barreling towards him. As difficult as it is to establish a reputation as a feared quarterback with the “it” factor, it can be even harder to establish a reputation an expert in your field, regardless of your talent or years of experience. There are dozens, if not hundreds, or other business owners and associates who are trying to convince customers that they, not you, are the best in your field. eBooks will help your business by bolstering your reputation as an expert in your field. Once we get your eBook published, congratulations, you’re a published author! If you want to add an extra dose of experience to your About Us bio, you can add the clause “author of [your book]” to your description, which will further enhance your image as an expert.

But I’m Not a Writer!

You don’t have to be! You might not be an IT specialist either, but you can still keep servers running in your office as part of your business infrastructure. You’re not a deliveryman, and yet when you want to ship something you can get it there. Point being, if you don’t do something, you can hire someone who does. Allure maintains a staff of talented and experienced eBook writers that will establish you and your company’s reputation as industry experts and draw in a new pool of customers. Click here to sign up.