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    In our previous blog, we talked about the importance of having consistent quality content across all marketing platforms. Most of the time, this is ensuring that all paid advertisements and marketing campaigns are aligned with each other. However, today’s technology has evolved in such a way that information is readily available to your consumers. In fact, consumers conduct extensive research, reviewing as much as 10.4 sources , before deciding to purchase. It is imperative that your business is part of those sources, so when deciding to purchase, you are one of the — the not the ultimate — choice & Online Reputation Management.   Both types of content may seem like important components, but according to Bright Edge , 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search with over 40% of the revenue captured by organic traffic. In short, you want to be talked about than pay people to talk about you.   Online Reputation Management Organic content is free. It is an effective marketing tool that won’t cost you as much as a paid advertisement will. Here are some Online Reputation Management solutions we provide at Allure: Strong Web Landing Page Unbounce calls landing pages as extensions of paid advertising, specifically design to get your Website visitor to take action. Basically, it forces a response from your customer, whether he/she intends to buy or not. It is a great way to gather email addresses for a digital listing, invitation for a trial service within a specific period or even encourage spending by providing a limited sales promotion.

    Mobile-Ready Website

    Mobile responsiveness is also key to ensuring your customer stays on your website. Since April 2015, Google has included mobile friendliness as a ranking signal, affecting all mobile searches worldwide. A new study released by comScore shows that mobile usage, combined with mobile search, accounts for 80% of time spent. With more of your customers looking you up through their mobile phones, it is important that your business website adapts seamlessly to the size and make of their handheld devices.

    Social Media Management

    Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube — Allure Marketing consistently monitors your business’ social relevance. The more people genuinely talk about your products and services, the more relevant you are to your customer’s search. 88% of consumers research before they buy. Video product reviews alone increases the likelihood of a viewer to purchase by 85%. We want to make sure that your product and user reviews, blog posts and affiliate marketers are part of the content they search. Whether it’s a responsive web design, interactive social media network or a corporate video, Allure Marketing Solutions have them all managed and curated for you. Contact us and create a solid Online Reputation Management presence for your business today.

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