Introduction to Live-Chat

Chat with visitors in real-time: Instantly answer questions of your visitors. You receive a notification every time visitor starts a chat conversation with you. Supported platforms: Live-Chat can be implemented on any website or app there is. See the presentation details to check if your platform is supported by our system. Track impact on sales: You can measure impact of Live-Chat on your conversion rate and customer behavior in the reports and statistics we provide.

What is Live-Chat

The fastest way to help your customers: Start chatting with visitors who need your help, interact with them and help them with the online team members who are live 24/7. There are customers waiting on your website: Is there a better way to offer them help than through a quick chat on your website? It's way faster than email and more efficient than phone. Don't make your customers wait. Clean and easy-to-use applications: You won't have to spend ages on learning how to use Live-Chat. Our system is clean, clutter-free and easy to pick up. We can even make adjustments specific to your needs.


Fast Response: Customers get fast response from our team, can make fast appointments and ask any questions. Accurate: Live-Chat give's you opportunity to get input from your customers and community, analyze the data and adjust to their needs. Pricing: Our pricing plan is fair and competitive, no contractual agreement is involved.

Where is the future

Cross Platform We offer our services to any platform and any device, apps, computers, tablets, mobile phones. Always open and available to help By showing faces of people and have lively conversations that engage visitors on your website you grab attention and promote transparency. This way the patients are assured that you act as their partner not service provider. Collaboration and working together Convert visitors to patients, Live-Chat offers options and features that will make your website visitors become patients. Unification and Following Up Keep conversations alive by email if visitors leave. Have a complete view of every visitor and conversation, capture them as leads, and keep their full history when they become patients.

Costs to get involved

$350 - one time set up. $75 - per qualified lead. Monthly Plan - $400/monthly with no set up fee. Info: With Live-Chat there are no hidden expenses, you get charged only for the qualified leads, no monthly subscriptions or any other hidden fees.

Qualified lead explained

Pay For Performance Pricing We charge only for actual sales leads that we send to you. There is no minimum recurring charge, or long term contract which makes Live-Chat easy to evaluate. You can cancel our service at any time without any penalty. $75 per qualified lead Once we process the potential client info and send you the lead, the connection is qualified as lead and we are charging the qualified lead fee. One time set up fee $350 We need access to the website or app, our developers will install Live-Chat code and you are ready to go.

Client charging explained

$350 - one time set up. $75 - per qualified lead. Monthly Plan - $400/monthly with no set up fee. Info: With Live-Chat there are no hidden expenses, you get charged only for the qualified leads, no monthly subscriptions or any other hidden fees.

Live-Chat features

Specialized Services Live chat is an ideal resource for service providers hoping to attract local clients. Increase engagement and sales by offering immediate assistance. Prospective clients have questions, especially when they visit your website. Responding to questions quickly and reliably builds trust early in the relationship. A supportive and high-quality experience helps ensure clients choose your organization over a competitor. Prospects will be routed to agents specializing in your company services, where they will receive accurate responses in line with your company's guidelines based on website content. You can customize interactions further by tailoring questions, answers and messages. Key features No Agents Needed, Fully Customizable, Call Connect, Skill Based Routing, Pre-Defined Scripts, Multiple Chat Agents, Office Hour Tracking, Custom Invitations, Custom Branding, Custom Chat Window, Custom Interactions, Geo-Mapping and Routing, Mobile Aware, Flexible Reporting.

How does it work

Have more conversations with visitors Invite conversation: Be personal and grab attention by showing faces with the live-chat feature. Start targeted chats: Create rules that trigger targeted messages to visitors based on their activity. Provide a modern messaging experience: With live conversations, typing indicators, read receipts, and sounds bring conversations to life. Express yourself: Inject life into your conversations. Why type it when you can show it with smiles & emoji.

Improve online presence ROI

Your customers are on your website right now. Chat with them and see what they do. Live-Chat's proprietary system allows you to effectively engage potential customers day or night, setting up follow-up calls or scheduling appointments before prospects leave your website. This also allows businesses to provide excellent customer service outside regular operating hours. Return On Investment – ROI. To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment, and the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio. You can achieve all that with our balanced and result based charging plan. And by the means of the reports and qualified leads you can measure the benefits of using Live-Chat. Reporting.


Adjust Live-Chat to match your web-design and your company preferences Fully Customizable - Make every aspect exactly the way you want it to fit your company identity. Pre-Defined Scripts - Pre-compiled responses transferred to chat window with a single click. Custom Invitations - Chat invite can have custom look-and-feel, messaging and animation. Custom Branding - Chat elements can be branded with your logo, images and more. Custom Chat Window - Chat window can carry your images and messages. Custom Interactions - Chat responses can be tailored to include questions, answers and messages specific to your business.

Multiple Agents and Chats

Live-Chat provides efficient customer service. Set it up once, get multiple chats every day with spending just a few minutes to get it going, you get the opportunity to reap immediate benefits. At Live-Chat we have developed significant insight into what works and what doesn't for each vertical we serve through the chats we have conducted for our partner companies. We use custom developed scripts to improve web conversion and constantly review chat transcripts to improve system intelligence. At Save money chatting with several people at a time. One Live-Chat agent can talk with 10 times more people than a phone agent, multi-chatting is easy to pick up, hard to work without. At Multiple Chat Agents can handle chats for your company.
More questions, more communication, more leads and registrations. The best references come from actual clients who have shared their experiences using Live-Chat. Offering potential clients and website visitors the ability for a real immediate conversation results in more questions and leads. Visitors can ask questions right on the webpage and get all the information they need, granting satisfaction and spreading the word to more potential visitors. The community grows and spreads a lot faster with the help of Live-Chat.

Cutting edge communication

Live-Chat saves clients and website visitors time and is becoming an alternative to phone and email. They don't have to worry about finding a phone number, or addressing and writing an email, they can visit your website and ask for our immediate assistance whenever necessary. Based on feedback, potential clients are finding it easier to communicate via Live-Chat team members, who can better respond regarding information needs. As a result, website visitors are experiencing improved customer service. Visitors are making fewer phone calls by having more effective and meaningful dialogues. The Live-Chat system is mobile friendly, detects mobile devices and adjusts accordingly. Can forward calls to mobile phones, can redirect reports and leads to email. The adjustments are made to the needs of the modern everyway living and cutting edge communications.