ORM and You: How to Make Your Business Look Its Best on the Internet

What is ORM? No, it’s not the sound a person makes when they try to say “arm” with a mouthful of mashed potatoes. Well, maybe it’s also that. But for your business you should know the term ORM as an acronym, meaning Online Reputation Management. You don’t have to be a mathematician to follow this equation: a better reputation = more customers = more sales. Maintaining a strong brand isn’t just about pride, it’s an effective way to make your business more profitable. But it’s difficult to achieve a squeaky clean status on the internet. All it takes is one disgruntled employee or a sneaky competitor to turn away multitudes of potential customers who looked up your business on the net and were turned off by a negative review. Bad apples aside, if you service a lot of customers it’s just simple statistics that you can’t please them all, and that vocal minority of unsatisfied customers is, unfortunately, more likely to leave a review than the majority of happy customers who have nothing to complain about. So, how can you improve the online reputation of your business? There are two ways you can do this: white techniques and black hat techniques. Allure uses white hat methods to improve your internet reputation with positive content, while some other, more nefarious, providers use black hat methods to erase negative search results. Let’s delve deeper into the differences between white hat and black hat methods.

Black Hat vs. White Hat ORM

Black hat reputation management techniques are not recommended. These are aggressive techniques that game the system by artificiality making negative reviews of your business seem like spam to Google, thereby burying negative reviews in the search results. Google detects black hat SEO techniques like hidden text, link spamming, and keyword stuffing and banishes sites using these practices into the lowest of depths of their search results, or just won’t display them altogether. Black hat ORM involves finding a way to insert black hat SEO techniques into pages with negative reviews to remove them from search results. Black Hat vs. White Hat ORMBlack & White Hat ORMIt may be tempting to channel your inner Tony Soprano or Walter White and destroy your enemies, but just as those two villainous TV characters’ actions came back to bite them by their respective series finales, if you use black hat techniques it will eventually backfire. Black hat ORM techniques lead to a bad reputation for your site, and you could even get blacklisted entirely from Google search results (For those saying Tony never died: the sudden fade to black was his death from a first-person perspective. Get over it). Instead of bringing down negative references to your business by abusing the system, you should leapfrog this content in the search results by producing positive content of your own and a strong social media presence by using an ORM service from a trusted provider such as Allure.

How Allure Can Help Your Brand

Online Reputation Management ToolsAllure is your watchdog for brand management. We delve deep into social media and review sites to find all mentions of your brand. We will be aware when there is a problem, and we know how to fix it. We’re the right tool for the job: using black hat online reputation management techniques is like using a blunderbuss for delicate surgery. The white hat techniques provided by Allure are the scalpel. Of course, you shouldn’t limit your ORM strategy to just taking care of bad reviews. Trying to get rid of every single bad review is as futile as playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. And besides, studies show that customers put less stock into online reviews and more in what they hear from people they actually know on social media sites. Allure provides digital marketing and reputation marketing services that get people talking about your business. It’s time to make your business look its best online. Contact Allure and we will use our ORM techniques to start attracting more customers to your business today.