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    On 14, August, 2016 By: Admin

    Your Social Media Management platforms are now up and well curated. But you’re not getting any feedback from your likers. Why does that happen all too often? Perhaps you’re missing a call-to-action. What is a call-to-action? It is a prompt or a trigger phrase that urges your reader/consumer to take the next action. It can be “read more” or “press play” or “sign up.” Whatever call-to-action you may choose, actual action from your readers ensures that your business is constantly engaged with them. Here are some ways that can make your social media followers interact with your business:

    1. Check in!

    Invite your readers to “check in” whenever they’re in your place of business. Almost every social media platform has made geotagging available to every user. With this, you can see the volume of customers that are within your presence. As more and more tags are added, your location generates more media. It’s a win-win. You get to see your customer, plus you get to attract your customer too.

    2. Share your photo!

    From flat lays to product shots, Social Media Management users are very creative with the products that they purchase. Encourage them to share their photo of your product and whenever you can, feature one or two on your social media page. Shining the light on your customer shows your appreciation for their patronage, and bragging rights for them (it can even get them, new followers!). You don’t have to feature all that submit or tag their product shots. Find one or two that best shows off your product and go with those. Remember that consistency is key, so you might want to make this a regular happening on your networks. Social Media Management

    3. Thank you for your comment.

    Acknowledge their responses. Even a simple thank you can go a long way. It is also an opportunity to exchange witty banter with your customer, like with what happened on Skyscanner’s Facebook page Control your urges in deleting negativity; try to be as transparent as you can. For complaints, accept them graciously and commit a resolution to the problem.

    4. Can you guess what’s this?

    Use your social media platforms to tease upcoming products and events for your company. Make them guess whatever is coming. If budget allows, give a prize to the first few who guessed correctly on the day of the new product launch. It need not be something big. It can be as simple as a gift certificate or a sample of the new product. This small surprise is a great boost for customer relations.

    5. Which box is better?

    Make your customers’ voices be heard. Starting a poll can generate a generous amount of responses from your customers, especially if it’s about something they are passionate with. You can poll from the packaging of taking out boxes to naming the next dish. It’s that easy. Do you need digital marketing experts to create this kind of engagement? We are the right team for you. Our social media management team keeps your social media networks engaged and updated. Click here to learn more!

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