The Marks of a Great Corporate Video

Producing original corporate videos can help you express a message in a variety of business situations. Whether you’re making motivational videos for company meetings, training videos for new employees, or promotional videos to generate interest and boost sales for a product, video production can serve your company well in many ways. This isn’t a project an amateur should undertake. You need to hire a professional video production company such as Allure to do this job right. Our multimedia experts and skilled videographers only make videos that feature the following 4 marks of a great corporate video.

1. Tell a Story

A series of charts and graphs and statistics is going to put people to sleep. Now, we’re not saying we’re the next incarnation of the Coen brothers, but we will improve your presentation by adding the basic elements of storytelling. The simplest of those elements: there is conflict, and then there is resolution. If you’re using your video to promote a product, establish the conflict as what’s missing in the world without your product.

2. Know Your Audience

Corporate videos and Hollywood blockbusters alike have to be made with the audience in mind to be successful. A film that is to be released in the summer for teen boys will have its fair share of explosions and scantily clad young women, while a film released in the fall for awards season will focus more on complex characters and an interesting story. Just like those films, a corporate video must be made with the audience in mind. A video meant to be presented to supervisors to show financial growth can be a little boring if that sacrifice in excitement results in a better presentation of all the financial details that aid such a presentation. Your supervisors aren’t there to be entertained. Conversely, a video meant as a promotion to the public should be a little flashier than those inner-business videos to better catch the attention of prospective clients.

3. Go Viral

Take advantage of the modern times we live in and use the internet to potentially attract an absurd amount of attention. This only applies to videos that are meant to promote a product, as there is no reason for meeting or training videos to be shared, and in fact those sorts of videos could contain sensitive information that make them adverse to sharing. But if you’re making a video to promote a product, then YouTube is the way to go. Corporate videos on YouTube have proven a good way to promote a product if you can be entertaining enough to go viral and reach millions of viewers. Online video is 50 times more likely to hit the front page of Google search results than a simple text web page.

4. Cut No Corners in Post-Production

It may seem that once you have your footage on tape that all the hard work is over. It’s tempting to rush the post-production and just be done with finished with the project so you can go home and collapse in front of the TV. Don’t succumb to this temptation. Post-production elements, such as polished editing, audio voiceovers, a soundtrack, graphics, and animation sequences, make all the difference between a video that connects with customers and one that falls flat. Your video, whatever it’s for, does not exist in a context vacuum. This video is an extension of your business, and anything that is sloppily put together will give viewers the impression that your company is sloppy in all areas, while a video that is done well will give the impression that you are professional and effective in all areas. Contact Allure if your company needs a video. We will use these 4 methods and more to produce the perfect video for what your business needs.